Wellicious Yoga Pants Purple Rain

By far the Wellicious signature piece and absolute bestseller to date!

It was inspired by Indian fashion and flair. These yoga pants have so much to offer. They are flattering, comfortable, stylish and feminine. The deep gathered waistband and cuffed ankle were detailed to keep your trousers in place during headstands. Always looking the part and wear them for Yoga, shopping, travelling or a luxurious day at the spa!

Yoga Wishes Product Rating
The first thing we noticed was the waist band. We loved it at first glance.

A truly great looking and all around yoga pants that looks and feels good. Great to wear. The combination of Lyocell and Cottton feels great on the skin.

These yoga pants are really able to be worn during a wellness weekend, in the yoga studio or at home.

The cuffed yoga pants keep the pants where they are supposed to be no matter which yoga postition.

62% Lyocell, 31% Cotton, 7% Elastane

Wellicious Yoga Pants Purple Rain

Two things which we at Yoga Wishes love about all Wellicious yoga pants and yoga tops:

  • All yoga products are all made eco friendly in either Spain or Portugal.
  • A huge plus for us, Wellicious donates 5% of their profits towards charity.
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